Teal natural sea glass (1 inch ht) w/sterling silver chain (21" long).            $40

Pink Kunzite gemstone w/porcelain pendant (1 2/4 inc ht)/silk thread. (26" long)    $75

​Jasper gemstone & pendant w/sandal wood beads and silk thread.(18" long)         $48

Light blue natural sea glass (1 1/2 inch ht) w/sterling silver chain (18" long)/ mermaid.           $40

Frida Kahlo (1 2/4 inch ht) w/jasper gemstones/green beads and silk thread.(24" long)   $​45​​

​Frida Kahlo (1 inch ht)w/pearl and silk thread.  (32" long)    $37

Pearl pendant (1/2 in) w/small pearls/crystals and silk thread (21" long).     $30

​Looks good on men too :)

White matte magnesite turquoise w/silk thread.(21" long)     $34

​Pink cross w/pearls/glass beads and silk thread.(21" long)    $37

Abalone pendant (1"L/1" 1/2w) w/amethyst gemstones/magnesite white turquoise. (23" long)       $60


​Buddha ivory pendant w/wood beads/silk thread/glass beads. (20" long).           $48

Beaded Silk Thread Necklaces

If you like the necklace a shorter length, please email me right after you order the item and let me know:

  • ​description of necklace
  • length (inches)

Teal blue natural sea glass (1 inch ht) w/sterling silver chain (18" long) /mermaid.        $40

I picked the sea glass from the beautiful beach at Santa Barbara.